How many times have you accosted yourself for not making an investment sooner, how many times have you regretted not buying that property 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago, how many times have you looked back at all the missed opportunities and wondered why you didn’t make a plan and get your act together years ago? I think it is safe to say that we all have looked back and questioned certain decisions we made in the past and wondered how different life could have been, better or worse? We often don’t make a decision to invest because we question if we have the resources, we wonder if we will be able to manage the extra burden and most of all we question and don’t trust ourselves because we are afraid of the unknown and it’s that “fear” that holds us back! Now consider this, out of the wealthiest people you know and the most successful people in the world, how many took the proverbial bull by the horns and said “I’ve got this”, “I can do this”, “I’m in 100%”, “I am fearless!”

Break through fear and you’re on the road to financial freedom and success.

At Equitos Group we are committed to relationships, building trust, educating and sharing our knowledge, and most of all outlawing fear! (Check out this helpful resource on combatting FEAR)

Let’s address the myths behind investing abroad:

  1. The Weak Rand

Most of the clients we have met over the years thought they would never be able to invest abroad due to the weak Rand when compared to other Major Currencies (GBP, USD, Euro) and on this basis thought that any investment overseas would be unattainable and expensive. The simple truth is that there are many investments around the world and many property investments you can make which are much more affordable and attainable than you may think. For example, have you ever heard of the $1 USD Properties initiative? Or the UK’s regeneration programs where terraced houses can be bought cheap in areas that are being gentrified? Of course, we are not suggesting that you buy a fixer upper but the fact is that if you are “fearless” the opportunities are all around you.

2. Advisors Can’t Be Trusted

The next main point to consider is, who are you getting in bed with? Are you being advised correctly; do you trust the person or company that you are about to make an investment with? In today’s world, there are more and more sharks, more snakes in the grass and many scam artists that will take you for a ride and never look back at the potential devastation they leave in their wake. Always make sure that you are protected and most importantly consider the “Doomsday Scenario” It’s one thing potentially generating fantastic returns but it’s a whole other story losing your capital. At Equitos Group our number one golden rule “everything must be property backed” We believe that bricks and mortar have stood the test of time and will continue to do so!

3. The Market Is Saturated

Next, let’s discuss supply vs. demand. When making an investment we also want to be sure that there is limited supply and high demand for what we are investing in. This rule applies to any investment we make, be it natural resources, technology or housing. Did you know that the UK has a chronic housing shortage? The UK needs 250’000 – 300’000 new homes each year just to keep up with current demand from the local population of Brits & Immigrants. Any idea of how many new homes UK Developers are currently building annually? Estimates are that the UK is building between 150’000 – 200’000 new homes each year. Safe to say that there is a shortfall? (Check out Full Fact & The BBC)

4. The Millennial Factor

Now for the grand finale. How much do we know about the millennial generation? For us oldies, it’s often difficult to get into the minds of the younger generations but luckily many studies have been completed which confirm a few interesting yet beneficial facts to the property investor. The basics include the following. Millennials are typically more selfish than our parents and grandparents may have been, they don’t like sharing too much, they are less likely to get married and settle down than ever before with most millennials only considering the prospect of  family & kids when they are much older and closer to 35-40, for us older guys and gals that’s “like freaking old right”. Millennials like to enjoy life, travel, stay close to work, shops, bars, clubs and they want the latest in equipment, technology, and gadgets and they want to (mostly) live alone. I would say that’s a pretty fun life and I would definitely, given the chance, wind the clock back and live the millennials life! So, you have waited for the silver lining, right? OK, millennials are more likely to wait till their mid-30’s to buy a property, they are more likely to start their own business or become a freelancer than ever before making use of shared office space and not working for a corporate, they want to have the best amenities and the most central accommodation possible and did I tell you there is a housing shortage in the UK especially for studio and 1 bedroom apartments?

Now for the fun part. Check out our website: www.equitosgroup.com, meet the team of Golden Oldies including myself and a spattering of millennial inspiration. Book a meeting and see how we can overcome fear, start investing today, access great realty backed investments at prices you didn’t think existed and earn top returns that not only will be diversified into a hard currency but will also outperform pretty much any local South African real estate investment you might consider.

Robert Linder
Founder/MD Equitos Group & Equitos Realty