Equitos Group and its founding partners have gained considerable international experience and global insights, developed over many years, specifically in the United Kingdom, Europe, Mauritius, Israel, Asia and South Africa. Our specialist areas of expertise include Real Estate Investments, Development Funding and Construction, Financial Investment, derivatives and Trading Products.

Our focus is on Investment, where our service extends to Tax Administration and Offshore Structuring. For South African investors, this can mitigate risk and provide both diversification and hard currency exposure for an investment portfolio. Our service also incorporates effective tax saving strategies, as well as wealth creation, wealth preservation and succession planning, both in South Africa and overseas.

Our Investment Products continue to excel, consistently delivering returns at levels which are 2-3 times higher than an average investment house, and offer significant upside returns based on the overall performance of our portfolios and Trading Solutions. We operate in a safe, de-risked investment environment, managed by a team of highly skilled traders with a proven track record. Equitos Group’s desire is to build reserve funds to safeguard against any potential losses with significant capital allocated to the building of this buffer in favour of our clients.

Our philosophy and success are founded on personal relationships. We have secured and built these on the principles of equality, integrity, transparency and honesty. We also believe that each investment opportunity should present win-win outcomes. Too often, the focus of large investment houses and international banks is on closing deals, in order to service their bottom line. Ours is to deliver successful investment products, enhanced returns and unparalleled client service. Equitos Group is committed to passing the real financial gains to our clients, as well as earning a proportionate fee for our professional services.

We collaborate with established, successful partners who share the same philosophy. This enables us to provide a multi-faceted service to clients, including tax and accounting services, structured financial products including international trading platforms and investment-related vehicles, global real estate investment, as well as tax and business planning strategies.

We compare our approach to a shared journey. Our success is based entirely on yours. The investment products we present are exclusive opportunities, designed to serve you first and which will invariably deliver market-leading returns. We take pride in consistently delivering a high-touch service and this is reflected in the large number of clients who refer us to other family members and friends.