Investment Summary:

All saints Living is The High Street Group’s property development company, which was launched in 2013, and has quickly become one of the most respected house builders in the North East, with prestigious projects in the North of England and Scotland. We currently have close to 200 residential properties under construction, all designed and built to an extremely high standard. We have a further 1,800 units in planning and project management.

We have four fundamental development specialities:

Private Rental sector schemes (PRS)
Traditional Development
Rooftop Extensions

The High Street Groups ambitious and achievable plans for Private Rental schemes, Traditional Developments, Rooftop Extensions and hotels across the UK, a sector we fully believe will cement our mission to propel The High Street Group and associated companies to the next level and become one of the largest and most recognised brands in the UK.

Equitos Group is currently inviting private clients to invest in an 18 Month loan note (similar to a corporate bond) with an assured 18% return paid on maturity after 18 months. The investment is asset backed by the HSG's Balance sheet consisting of paid up Real Estate Assets.