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Loan Note

HSG 7 Year Loan Note

Investment Summary


Founded in 2006, The High Street Group is an award winning family of companies successfully growing in four key sectors; Private Rental Schemes, Property Development & Construction, Rooftop Extensions, and Hospitality. With flagship projects like Newcastle’s tallest skyscraper, a PRS pipeline nearing £1 billion and a portfolio of instantly recognisable hospitality brands, our significant growth & business expertise will secure our target to become a £3 billion business within 3 years.

Investment Details

Our UK Development Partner; The High Street Group and their subsidiary All Saints Developments is issuing a Loan Note to provide equity for the delivery of their Private Rental Sector schemes and Rooftop Development opportunities. The Capital Growth loan note will pay an interest of 12% return per annum over 7 years, plus annual bonus payments if the investment is retained.

The High Street Group will provide investors within the loan note with monthly updates on all ongoing and potential projects. Please refer to the corporate brochure for a detailed appraisal of their development strategy.

We welcome private sophisticated clients and institutional investors to take advantage of this opportunity and invest with HSG. The investment is backed by the HSG Balance sheet of Realty Assets and independently administered by the Caste Trust – Gibraltar

Pricing: Investments starts from £25’000


Compound interest payment option:
Compounded interest from £100,000 investment:
• Year 1 £100,000 + 12% (incl. 0% bonus) = £112,000
• Year 2 £112,000 + 15% (incl. 3% bonus) = £128,800
• Year 3 £128,800 + 16% (incl. 4% bonus) = £149,408
• Year 4 £149,480 + 17% (incl. 5% bonus) = £174,807.36
• Year 5 £174,807.36 + 18% (incl. 6% bonus) = £206,272.68
• Year 6 £206,272.68 + 20% (incl. 8% bonus) = £247,527.22
• Year 7 £247,527.22 + 22% (incl. 10% bonus) = £301,983.21

Initial Capital: £100,000
Interest : £201,983.21
Total Return: £301,983.21
You can exit on every 12 month anniversary from date of contract but you must give 30 days’ notice.


  • Investment backed by Real Estate Portfolio
  • The High Street Group has been operating since 2006
  • Investment for Real Estate Private Rental Schemes and rooftop extensions
  • Multiple exit options with assured returns and bonuses 
  • Key Partnerships with some of the UK’s largest asset management/property companies
  • Security Trustee in place with first charge over groups assets


Completion Date

Manchester, UK
12% p.a


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