Everything You Need To Know About Our Company Objectives

Our Vision

Our vision is put into action by our unwavering desire to build solid partnerships with our clients and product partners where we deliver exceptional value and service that prioritize our clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

Equitos Group is a collection of companies and currently includes Realty and Wealth - specializing in investments that are engineered to provide our clients with the diversification required to spread, and where possible mitigate the risk of holding all assets in one region or asset class. Our vision is to be a market disrupter by securing and providing investments both in-house and externally that truly put our clients and their return on investment first.

Most importantly reducing the typical fees and costs associated with investing in a global market place to a minimum, while still delivering a premium service and fully researched investments that provide above market returns and overall structuring.

Our end goal is to be a full-service Investment Management Company that provides a holistic product offering under the Equitos brand. Incorporating Real Estate Investments, Asset Management, Trading & Investment Products, Fund Management, Construction and Development Funding